Pride Has A Fall

Pride Has A Fall

  • Author: Mukesh Amar

Aarav Srivastav is standing at the cross roads of his life. Despite being one of the brightest pupils in college, he finds himself at the losing end, whether it’s personal or professional. Srimaya is an ill-fated mother she has a daunting task of getting her only son Aarav released. He is detained by Dubai authorities. Sameer inherits one of the biggest infrastructure development companies of the country. He proves his father wrong by not making mistakes while undertaking this colossal responsibility. Ranvijay, a real estate baron and narcissist, is desperate to make extra cash by devising unethical strategies. Though belonging to the same group in college, Aarav and Sameer aren’t on cordial terms. Sameer marries Aarav’s love interest Saina, while Aarav can’t resist Ranvijay’s assistance for avenging the injustice meted out to him. A deadly war ensues when both get trapped in maze of deception where the only thing matters to them is building an identity of his own outpacing the other’s.. This is the world of apparent friends, where conscience is fragile and intentions are prejudicial, where ideals are burnt and ego is appeased, where love is evident and slyness is wide spread, where trust is elusive and hate is contagious.

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