Never Say Goodbye

Never Say Goodbye

  • Author: Rajiv Seth

Meet Aakash – a doctor – single, contended, happy in his world of patients. And then, all of a sudden … “Have I fallen in love?” he asked himself. He knew the answer. And he knew that he was walking into a maze. It wasn’t as if she was unattached. She was married – and she was ‘committed’, as she had said. The maze would be endless, and the logical thing was to get out. But when you get into a maze, how do you get out? Which path takes you out and which path takes you deeper in? And meet Anjali – also a doctor, always looking for more from life, driven by an urge to do much more than just medicine, always reaching for the stars. And then she meets Aakash … “Let me tell you one thing, if you haven’t already understood,” she said. “This is my house – this is where I stay. Home is where I live – where my heart and soul lives. And I do hope you know where that is” Very quickly they move from being just friends, to becoming soul-mates, and then to being lovers. Will their relationship remain as entwined as the DNA in human cells? Or will it explode into nothingness?

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