Monkeys, Motorcycles, And Misadventures

Monkeys, Motorcycles, And Misadventures ...

  • Author: Harsha

After having recurring dreams, a man considers retracing Lord Hanumans epic journey from India to Sri Lanka. While rationality argues against the pursuit, the dream appeals to something deeper and he sets out with two friends on a 1200 kilometre trek across South India. The journey however, doesnt turn out to be quite what they expected. Along the way, through encounters with evil cans of pepper spray, wise men, pimps, hellhounds, and manic elephants, they are forced to confront their personal demons. At one of their lowest moments, plagued by doubt, they lose all hope. Thats when they experience a sign, the first of many, which renews their spirits and helps them push forward. Monkeys, Motorcycles, and Misadventures, provides a candid account of the trios incredible journey - their misgivings, sufferings, and triumphs, all in search of faith.

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