Marry Go Round

Marry Go Round

  • Author: Sadiqa Peerbhoy

A determined mother using blatant emotional blackmail to inveigle her NRI son into a marriage with the right sort of desi girl a reluctant groom with a live-in girlfriend following him all the way to India a bride on the rebound from a disastrous liaison with a married man skeletons rattling in old family cupboards an aunt on the vengeance trail ? and we have a heady cocktail of an arranged wedding that morphs into a love marriage with quite the wrongest possible girlƒwith a little tactical help from long-dead ancestors. Written in a refreshingly original style, Marry Go Round is one quaint combine of todays merrily irreverent humour and a staid Hyderabadi milieu with its Nawabi hangover from grandiose times long past.

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