Loggie - Trials And Tribulations In The Hatchery

Loggie - Trials And Tribulations In The Hatchery ...

  • Author: Sapna Kappal

It was hard to see turtles being rescued, healed and released every day. I was getting sick of watching the same thing over and over. What made it worse was the image kept replaying in my head like a movie. I wish that I was a part of the group too, getting pulled by the waves into a world of my own.” Loggie, a six-year-old disabled turtle was just inches away from a perfect life. The pain that stopped her was a disability in her body, a deformity that restricted her to a small tank and a couple of friends. Yet, her life isnt any less interesting. Watch her tackle the drama, mood swings, turtle issues and surprises, and how her biggest problem is acceptance. She just cant wrap her head around the fact that she can never live her dream life, even though the humans looking after her and her friends are doing everything to make her feel happy. The scar is inerasable. Slowly, as she comes across near-death experiences and encounters more personalities, her mindset is altered. Her scar doesnt disappear, but it definitely heals a little. The negativity that she had inside her is getting replaced by positivity, not just a ray of hope but rays of hope and love. She slowly starts to accept her flaws and is trying her best to think beyond her pain. Will she ever be able to live her dream life? Will she ever be able to love herself? Accompany her as she fights for something she isnt responsible for, something that she cant control and something she despises. Track her marvelous journey about how the pain and pessimism transforms to self-love, happiness and an optimistic vibe.

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