Life Had Other Plan

Life Had Other Plan

  • Author: Munish Dhawan

Nik, a college dropout, joins Roy Grant Communications, a passionately charged advertising agency, with enthusiastic anticioation, only to discover that his life is about to change forever. He bumps into Ratty, the love rat and Su, the benevolent prude, instinctively perceiving that theres a cosmic connection between the threeThey become the best of friends. Soon, they are inseparable. 3 more team up with them to form a batty group that lives up to the advertising worlds reputation of being totally demented. But they hardly care. Theyre having way too much fun, together Just when they hope that their merry little world continues, life reveals a new plan. Nik commits the cardinal sin of falling in love with one of his best friends. Before he can declare it, he learns that Su is in love too, but not with him When the bombshell Mallika arrives on the scene, the skirt-chasing love rat finds himself in love tooLife Had Other Plans is part funny, part loony, part tragic tale where nothing goes according to plan. Its high drama of love gained and love lost that builds up to a completely unexpected end. but not before the three protagonists - Nik, Ratty and Su are forced to confront their deepest, darkest secrets

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