Democracy 2.0

Democracy 2.0

  • Author: Krishna Kumar

Aditya - An IAS topper, Siddhanta - a Harvard drop-out and Devanjali - a media professional, traversing their different lives come together to form a secret club that attracts some of the best minds of India who together plan a new age movement for change. The movement catches the fancy of the urban middle class and the rural India alike and snowballs into a great revolution that demolishes the various stereotypes of Indian polity, media and society before culminating into Democracy 2.0 - the new version of democracy that meets the aspiration of a modern India. But while the grand revolution shapes up, will Devanjali get a chance to express her love to Aditya, a leader she has so diligently created? A powerful saga of love, passion, renunciation and hope expressing itself through the macabre socio-political reality of the day.

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