Bends And Turns

Bends And Turns

  • Author: Leena Chandorkar

Bends and Turns deals with the growth towards maturity of a young woman, Sona Jaykar. Enmeshed closely with her life story are the stories of her mother Kamala Pradhan, her husband Rajeev Jaykar, best friend Prof Nafisa Ahmad, colleague Shubhendu Roy and most importantly, Brigadier Vikrant Singh—VS. Written in a lucid manner and captivating style, the author, Leena Chandorkar, brings together these different stories. With Sona at the centre, the novel travels,through many bends and turns, towards a thought- provokingending. The relentless flow of life takes Sona from darkness to light, from childish petulance to mature wisdom. The choices she makes extract a price from her and mark her forever. The collision of the past and the present the choice between duty and love the separation of the personal and the public--- these are the issues that are highlighted as Sona Jaykar makes her precarious way through the minefield of expectations that young Indian women have to negotiate today in their quest for happiness.

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