Anatomy Of Froth

Anatomy Of Froth

  • Author: Swapnil Pawar

In 2007, a global financial and economic crisis broke out that shook the world. It spun the globe into a common vortex. Whether it was loss of equiry value or real estate, salary downgrades, job loss or lack of market demand in business, the crisis affected every one, everywhere. The scale of this crisis was unlike any other economic upheaval since the Great Depression of 1929-1933. IT deeply impacted the global economic and financial order, as well as the advent of global trade and the mobility of capital. The long-term effects of the crisis will continue to effect our lives for many years to come. What and who caused the crisis? Was it wall Street? Was it global economic imbalances built on an undervfalued Yuan and an overvalued Dollar? Or was it the loose monetary policy which caused asset bubble? More importantly, what should we do to forecast and forestall crises such as this in the future? Unfortunately, discussion on these vital concerns have largely remained the preserve of aademics and experts. The lay person has come to understand the crisis only in terms of its tangible impact on home and workplace- and through pop-speak such as sub-prime mortgages and credit -default- swaps. This book attempts to demystify the crisis for the layman and make him a participant in discussions regarding our collective future. The basic causes of the crisis, though complex, are often shadwed by the various emotions which accompany its aftermath. This book is an attempt to understand the fundamental nature of the crisis in terms of broader trends rather than determining guilty companies, institutions and individuals. Only such an understanding can secure the global community against similar devastating crises in future.

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