A Yellow Winged Stranger

A Yellow Winged Stranger

  • Author: Imran Usman

In a recent murder, a man is indicted. His Modus Operandi or Method of Operation is the signature of an infamous notorious serial killer named The Black Smith, known for inflicting grave torturing prior to putting his victims to death. The Black Smiths killing spree spanned over a period of 20 years. Due to the varied victimology, it made it utterly impossible for the Law Enforcements, including the Federal Investigating Unit to profile him until very recently 83 victims had his insignia. During the early years, when he started, he was referred to as the copy cat, copying the MO of a serial killer, Full Moon Butcher of the 80s, to the very exact detail – who went dormant almost suddenly.The indicted man is shifted to a high security prison, where he unusually comes across a series of writings on the cell wall. These writings contain unusual depictions about an undiscovered life, of a supposed Yellow Winged Stranger, the Master of the Ordinary an ex-prisoner trapped in the compulsion of his own making. And he has a message for the convict.

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