A Pinch of Hope in a Bowl of Life

A Pinch of Hope in a Bowl of Life

  • Author: Veena Sethuraman

Love has many forms. Every seeker may have their own journey towards it, each one filled with its own set of obstacles and life lessons. For Gayathri, a chance encounter with a Gynaecologic Oncologist reminds her of her own belief in a soulmate and helps her embrace self-love. For Charanjeet, love is about getting over his helplessness and working to strengthen his marriage, building his family. Joseph had to first encounter himself, deal with his own anger and shame to find his expression, before he could accept someone’s love. Ranganayaki’s journey is that of learning to stand up for herself in an unsupportive environment and yet viewing the world through the lens of humour along with her strong faith on her ‘Ranga’. Suraiya had to allow the churning in her to realize that self-care is not selfish, while facing up to her disappointing marriage and walking out of it. They say Love Conquers All here are stories of a few common people who had to break the shackles – sometimes of traditions, sometimes of societal norms and at times even their own expectations to reach their destinations. As they conquered, they embodied HOPE. After all, LOVE is the source of HOPE.

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