Life Zara Hatke

U • Non Fiction • 2018

Most of us live by the rules family, society, and the world dictates. But there are some who dare to tread a different path to follow their dreams, even if it means going against sound advice or popular choices. These rare people dare to think big and do whatever it takes to make their dream a reality. ‘Life Zara Hatke’ is the story of two such young people, Ankur and Danish, who have not only dared to dream but have already embarked on the quest of realizing their dreams. Ankur has just begun her journey as a standup comedian, and Danish has his mind set on becoming a professional wildlife photographer. They have made it their life’s mission to follow their passion, no matter the sacrifices or challenges. Join RJ Anmol as he introduces us to these inspiring youngsters and partake in their amazing journey.

Director: Maya Rao



Release Date

02 February 2018


Non Fiction


Maya Rao