E4 - Jewellery Shop (French)

U • Comedy

Deeply affected by the harsh words spoken by a politician who proclaimed to his audience that Yamraj, The Lord of Death is a symbol of evil Yamraj decides to ask his boss, Akaashwani for a job that commands more respect from the mortals. When Akaashwani dismisses his pleas, Yamraj takes the extremely bold step of quitting his job to work for his reluctant fatherinlaw. While he is trying to make himself useful in his fatherinlaws jewelry shop, Himesh tries to enjoy some quality time with Mohini at his home, only to have it disrupted, time and time, by Satya.

Director: David Polycarp

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    E1 - Don (French)
    23 min

    Yamraj makes repeated attempts to take the praan of a certain deadly Don only to be interrupted constantly by Jigna to run some household errand or the other. Meanwhile the Don keeps doubling his protection thinking his rival gang in the city has hired an assassin to kill the Don. Simultaneously in drama class at school, Himesh and Satya are battling it out to play the titular role of Vishwamitra, so as to get closer to the girl of both their dreams Mohini, whos playing the role of Menaka, female lead in the play.

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    E2 - Will (French)
    23 min

    While going about his daily routine of taking praans, Yamraj comes across an extremely rich man, who is thoroughly confused about which of sons should be the heir to his enormous fortune. The old man entrusts the responsibility of finding the most deserving heir to Yamraj, in exchange for half his wealth. Poor Yamraj, having always dreamt of amassing great wealth, grabs the opportunity immediately. Meanwhile, Jigna, on hearing news of the immense wealth thatll soon be theirs, immediately starts planning the biggest party of the neighborhood, inviting everyone from the milkman to landlord.

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    E3 - Broken Leg (French)
    20 min

    When Yamraj, tries to take the praan of an ailing man in the hospital, the man surprises him by being remarkably agile and pushes him out the window. This in turn leads to Yamraj being forcibly hospitalized and placed in the bed right next to the old man whose praan he is meant to take. While Yamraj struggles to get out of his forced hiatus, a friendly yet slightly competitive game of chausar between Himesh and Satya, turns into an ugly ego battle between Jigna and Mandira.






David Polycarp