E8 - Jewelry

U/A 7+ • Infotainment • 2021

In India, jewellery has not only traditional and aesthetic value but the love for it has been undefined. Since ancient civilisation Jewelery has always been an integral part of the Indian Veshbhusha, and the fondness for jewllery keeps thriving and growing.

Director: Saurabh Srivastava, Anup Acharya, Preety Parikh, Jaspreet Kaur Jain


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    E1 - Nauvari Saree
    28 March 2021 | 7 min

    A garment that symbolizes the unity of male female principles of the universe, the 9 yards saree is one of the oldest and traditional form of Veshbhusha. From figting wars in it to wearing it to run marathons, the 9 yards saree offers comfort and mobility which no other traditional costume provides.

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    E2 - Sherwani & Bandhgala
    04 April 2021 | 8 min

    A costume with aristocatic beginning and royal lineage, the Sherwani and Bandgala of today bear traces of influences of people and cultures through history. This veshbhusha today too gives a regal look to wearer and till date the preferred costume of men for weddings and other important ocassions.

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    E3 - Footwear
    12 April 2021 | 8 min

    No outfit is complete without the right footwear. A footwear today not only does its basic duty of protecting the feet but is an integral part of the Veshbhusha. While its creation is rooted in both mythology and science, its journey and evolution also has been equally fascinating.

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    E4 - Lehenga Choli
    19 April 2021 | 6 min

    An attire has the potential to make women feel like a princessess is Indias answer to western Ball gowns, the Lehenga choli is a striking mixture of custom, values style. A veshbhusha which has been the favourite with the tribals, rural people and royals the Lehenga choli maybe a costume which evolved centuries back but its popularity and demand will remain for centuries to come.

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    E5 - Shawl
    26 April 2021 | 8 min

    A truly multipurpose garment, the shawl has had an impressive origin and an extraordinary journey. With an array of varied uses the shawl is the only Veshbhusha which is used as mark of respect, used as an accessory, worn to protect and provide warmth and is also used for fashion.

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    E6 - Headgear
    03 May 2021 | 8 min

    A symbol of honour pride, the Indian Veshbhusha will be incomplete without the headgear. Each phase of indian history depicts a distinct and peculiar style of wearing pag and Each headgear signifies the social, religious and economical status of a user in the society.

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    E7 - Dhoti Lungi
    10 May 2021 | 7 min

    A versatile garment that is the national costume for men not only in the Indian subcontinent but also a lot of neighbouring countries. A veshbhusha that offers comfort and ease of mobility in this tropical weather to the working class, also commands respect when worn by the elites.

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    E9 - Salwar Kameez
    24 May 2021 | 7 min

    An Indian garment with foreign origin has probably been one of the most widely accepted and worn garment. A simple veshbhusha which has unified the country in more than one way has had an interesting history and even a more adventorous journey.

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    E10 - Kurta Pyjama
    31 May 2021 | 6 min

    A staple apparel for Indian men, the Kurta Pyjama has always been and still is the favoured ethnic attire. From being a expression of patriotism during the independence era to today it being the preferred costume for foreign celebrities to don during a visit our country, this humble veshbhusha has a tremendous story to tell.

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    E11 - Dupatta
    07 June 2021 | 7 min

    An accessory garment which today is used to complete a garment or enhance its look has had numerous uses in the past from covering the wearer for modesty to being used by men and women against the harsh weather conditions. The story itself of this veshbhusha is as varied as its uses.

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    E12 - Make-Up
    13 June 2021 | 7 min

    This seemingly new art is seeped in history and antiquity. make up an age old skill with references in epics and sagas of ancient india is an important component of veshbhusha which helps in completing ones look.



Release Date

16 May 2021




Saurabh Srivastava, Anup Acharya, Preety Parikh, Jaspreet Kaur Jain