E4 - Gavaskar - Off the field

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One of his most memorable contributions off the field came a few years after his retirement from the game, during the 19921993 Mumbai riots, where he saved a family from a rampaging mob at the risk of losing his own life.

Director: Adhiksha Gupta

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    E1 - Red Letter Day
    6 min

    June 25 is described as the Red Letter Day the most memorable day for Indian cricket, marking the anniversary of some important milestones. In 1932 Indias Test journey, started on this day under the captaincy of legendary Indian cricketer CK Nayudu.Another feat came on the same date in the year 1983, From the iconic Lords again, Indian cricket took off on a remarkable journey as Kapil Devled Team

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    E2 - Indian Women Cricketers - Breaking All Boundaries
    5 min

    When you think of Indian womens cricket, there are certain names that pop in your head: Smriti Mandhana, Mithali Raj, Jhulan Goswami. It is because they have shown us that the sport isnt a thing only men can master. They have all worked really hard in their lives to get where they are, so we thought it would be a good time to look at the stories of some of them.

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    E3 - Sachin Tendulkar's most challenging centuries
    5 min

    As a tribute to this Little Master, here is our pick of the 2 most memorable and emotionally challenging centuries scored by Sachin. Coincidentally both these centures happened in the same year 1999. One match was against Pakistan where Sachin was battling with physical discomfort and the other century was during the world come after he came back from his father’s funeral.

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    E5 - Indian crikecters & their superstitions
    5 min

    In India, cricket is not just a game it is a universal religion that binds people of every class and caste. However, did you know that some of the “gods” of Indian cricket have their own set of superstitions From lucky bat to lucky bracelet or shirt, there are countless beliefs, which cricketers have revealed to have followed over the years. Let’s take a look at some of their bizarre beliefs.

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    E6 - Six sixes in an over
    5 min

    It’s a dream for every batsman to clear the boundary on a regular basis. Not all batsmen are gifted enough to hit sixes at will though and to hit two or three consecutive sixes against any bowler is a hard thing to achieve.There are only two Indian cricketers who have the record of hitting six sixes in one over – Ravi Shastri and Yuvraj Singh in India’s entire cricketing history so far. While Shastri achieved this feat in a Ranji Trophy match , Yuvraj Singh is the only one to achieve this feat in the international arena




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Adhiksha Gupta