E1- Madras Engineers Group (Arabic)

U/A 7+ • History

The Madras Engineers Group is one of the oldest regiments in the Indian Army, and is the first of the Corps of Engineers to come into existence. Also called Madras Sappers and Miners, the Bangalore Torpedo which is used even today to clear wire fences and mines during battles was invented in this regimental centre.

Director: Samar Khan

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    E2- Rajputana Rifles (Arabic)
    38 min

    The Rajputana Rifles has been in existence for almost a century and is the oldest rifle regiment in existence today in our army. Historically, the communities from where the soldiers are recruited to this regiment place great importance on military training and service. The pride is so ingrained that some current soldiers in the regiment are the fifth generation from their families to be part of the regiment.

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    E3- Jat Regiment (Arabic)
    46 min

    The Jat Regiment is one of the infantry regiments in the Indian army. It has been in existence for over 200 years, and it has been a part of both WWI and WWII, along with many other national and international battles. Historically, the Jats have been known for their brilliant combat and warfare skills. Know more stories of courage and valour of the Jat Regiment in this episode of Regiment Diaries.

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    E4- Sikh Regiment (Arabic)
    43 min

    The Sikh Regiment is made up exclusively of Sikhs and is the most decorated regiment in the Indian Army. The regiment was formed just before the British Empire annexed the Sikh Empire. The Sikh community has historically been known as a warrior community, and fighting for the country as part of the army comes naturally to its members. Warfare, protection, and combat are ingrained in the teachings of the Sikh religion, and this culture flows seamlessly into the serving of the country. Watch this episode on the Sikh Regiment on Regiment Diaries to get learn more about these legendary warriors.






Samar Khan