E10 Moringa

U/A 7+ • Food • Talk & chop • 2021

Watch Veebha Anand, Abigail Pande Chef Abhishek in yet another episode of Powerfoods where the trio is all set to make a savoring bowl of piping hot soup using Moringa

Director: Sunny Arora, Shardul Deodhar

Actors: Veebha Anand

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    E1 Gauava
    21 January 2021 | 7 min

    In this episode, Pooja Gor Head Chef Abhishek will make a winning bowl of green using the alltime favorite green fruit Gauva. They make quick a Guava salad.

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    E2 Cacao
    21 January 2021 | 6 min

    In this episode watch Abigail Pande learn to sneak in her favorite Cocoa into an irresistable decadent. Chef Abishek clears the confusion between Cacao coco. They make an amazing quick healty cacao dessert out of cacao.

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    E3 Avacado
    27 January 2021 | 5 min

    Powerfoods is a show and also a foodies paradise where you witness some great combination of healthy and tasty. In this episode Aneri Vajani and the Chef Abhishek upgrade the use of Avocado with this very healthy drink. They make Avacado buttermilk.

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    E4 Amaranth
    03 February 2021 | 7 min

    Need some unique desert idea to roundup your familing dining in the perfect way Watch this episode where foodie duo Aneri Vajani Pooja Gor along with Chef Abhishek make an interesting desert recipe using the superfood Amaranth. They make a delicious kheer.

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    E5 Ghee
    10 February 2021 | 7 min

    Ghee No more just a topping for your food. In this episode Chef makes a relishing Barley Risotto using ghee along with your favorite celebrity Veebha Anand.

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    Ep 6 Quinoa
    18 February 2021 | 8 min

    Enjoy the episode loaded with fun food where your favorite celebrity is all set to explore her favorite powerfood while making an amzing bowl of Quinoa beetroot salad seasoned with taste and health benefits

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    E7 Black Sesame
    25 February 2021 | 7 min

    Watch this episode of Powerfoods, where your favorite celebrity and chef create magic on the plate with black sesame. They make black sesame seeds pancakes. Black sesame seeds contain 600mg of calcium which is almost equal to what you get form milk which makes it a brilliant calcium source for vegans

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    E8 Sweet Potato
    04 March 2021 | 8 min

    Enjoy the next episode of Powerfoods where your favorite celebrity the chef gives a sweet twist to a regular soup using the powerfood Sweet Poatato. Sweet potato is an amazing superfood, it has the highest amount of beta carotene, which is good for eyes skin.

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    E9 Coconut
    11 March 2021 | 5 min

    This Episode Chef Abhishek will make coconut chea seed pudding. With celebrity Veebha Anand. This amamzing pudding is made out of coco Powder, dessacated coconut, Chea seeds, condensed coconut milk coconutjaggery.



Release Date

24 March 2021


Food, Talk & chop


Sunny Arora, Shardul Deodhar


Veebha Anand