E1 Kolhapur

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A city steeped in Maratha culture and heritage, a city where glimpses of the past are to be found with every turn – only if you look. In this episode, we look beyond the Kolhapuri chappal and the world famous in India generic Veg Kolhapuri, to unearth recipes that tell the story of Kolhapur – a lost recipe that tells the story of Shikaar, a traditional proteindrink of the Pehelwans of Kolhapur, and a recipe that celebrates the produce of the Western Ghats of Maharashtra.

Director: Shubhra Chatterji


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    E2 Patiala
    26 min

    Patiala, a city that welcomes one with open arms and a Shahi swag Amidst the many stories of the colourful past of Patiala, we go looking for an insight into its Khana Khazana And come away with not just culinary treasures from the Royal Kitchens of Patiala but also find a lostrecipe that illustrates beautifully the story of a Punjab divided by partition.

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    E3 Kullu
    26 min

    Nestled amongst the mountains and valleys of Kullu thrive stories and myths of a time when gods walked the earth, amongst men. From finding out what the gods eat, to cooking with the Tikka Rani of Kullu herself, to discovering lost utensils and ingredients, and a cluster of culinary gems, Kullu surprises us with the secrets it has kept hidden for long.

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    E4 Siddhpur
    26 min

    Sometimes it’s not just recipes that are lost, but cities too – like stunning Sidhpur, where rows of magnificent havelis of the Bohra community lie locked and waiting to be celebrated once more. Once the mainstay of the Dawoodi Bohras, Sidhpur today holds still holds on to the past, trying to keep alive more than just forgotten flavours. We dip into the vast culinary repertoire of the Bohra community of Sidhpur to cook some heirloom winter recipes.

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    E5 Ahmedabad
    25 min

    We go looking for vegetarian Lost Recipes in Ahmedabad, but find far more – from an immersion into the ideas of Mahatama Gandhi, to a oneofitskind culinary museum, to a foray into understanding the simple yet deeply rooted culinary culture of the Garasiya tribes of Gujarat, and of course some beautiful Lost Recipes that celebrate the produce and seasons of the land.




Travel, Food


Shubhra Chatterji