Lakshya 1971: Vayu Sena ke Veer Yoddha

U/A 7+ • Infotainment

The first episode sets the context for what led Indias Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to intervene in the raging civil war in East Pakistan.Before India could take a step forward to intervene in the humanitarian crisis, Pakistan attacked India, leaving PM Indira Gandhi with no option but to declare war on 3rd December, 1971. In this film we hear of the first key air attack that India planned and carried out on West Pakistan.We hear the stories from the veterans who fought the war about their heroism in Battle of Longewala, Karachi bombings and Tezgaon bombings as well. Indian Air Force deploying its planes to carry hundreds of Indian Army soldiers on a covert operation, deep into Bangladesh. Once the soldiers are air dropped across the Meghna river, then quelling the Pakistani forces in Dhaka will be just a matter of days. The second episode of this limited series starts with one of the biggest paradrop operations conducted by Indian Military Forces. Indian Air Force was defending its air bases against enemy attacks in Srinagar and other places. We lost a number of brave officers in the same attacks including Flying Officer Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon. In retaliation, we took a number of strategic decisions and conducted operations in the enemy area with high risk. Our officers were risking their lives to save our country and their valiant sacrifices didnt go in vain and on 16th December, 1971 we won the war. The signing of the surrender agreement paved the way for a new nation of Bangladesh and changed the geography of South Asia forever.

Cast: Harman Singha

Director: Puneet Sharma






Puneet Sharma


Harman Singha