E1 - Jugaad Mania

U • History • Travel • Non Fiction

Has creative innovators who used limited resources and created useful innovations like Edible spoon, Solar E rickshaw, creating incense sticks and soaps with Floral Waste and Low Cost Rain water harvesting system

Director: Epic Tv

Actors: Chandan Aanand

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    E2 - Jugaad Mania
    22 min

    consist of innovators who accepted challenges and created a power solution to the problems example , Zero carbon emission burner , Plastic House, All in one Walking stick, Insect repellent Fabric and a unique farming technique which uses no soil.

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    E3 - Jugaad Mania
    24 min

    With more interesting innovations Episode 03 has some creative innovators who believed in themselves and their innovation which is now know across the world like Mitticool Clay Refrigerator and more innovations like Glucose Bottle Irrigation system, a Bullet tractor which can do it all, Footwear made out of scrapped tyres and AC Sofa.

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    E4 - Jugaad Mania
    22 min

    Innovation is the mother of necessity Episode 04 clearly shows what that quote really means. In this episode we see some interesting innovations such as a All in one Food processing machine, A creative hub where we can find Vibrant Upcycled products, Bricks that are made of PPE kit and face masks.




History, Travel, Non Fiction, Technology, Science, Motivational


Epic Tv


Chandan Aanand