Bharat Ki Awaaz - Season 1

E4 Indira

Genre: History • Drama | 20:43

Age Description: U/A 7+  PG


Indira Gandhi was one of the Prime Ministers of India who surprised everyone within and outside her party with the success of her leadership. She was initially seen as a leader who was pliant, but she soon proved that she was strong-willed and had some revolutionary ideas to put India on the path of economic freedom. In this episode of Bharat ki Awaaz, watch some of her most famous speeches, where she urges the youth to take an active part in the administration and progress of the country, reiterates India’s stand on peace and war, and reinforces the idea that democracy does not reside in administrative centres but among the common people and their actions.

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E3 Nehru
E4 Indira
E5 Ambedkar/ Maulana Azad/ Lalbahadur Shastri/ Rajiv Gandhi

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