E4 Fish, Rat, Boar,Tortoise

U • Mythology • Mystery • Fantasy • 2020

The first avatar of Vishnu, the fish is part of many Indian legends and appears often in Hindu iconography. The rat is Lord Ganesha’s chosen vehicle and there are some intriguing stories of how that came to be. The boar another avatar of Vishnu is usually portrayed as a feisty beast. The tortoise is depicted as the epitome of patience and stability. Learn more about the legends surrounding these intriguing creatures in this episode of Animals in Mythology.

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    E1 Cow, Dog, Horse
    31 July 2020 | 16 min

    Did you know that the animals we see around us every day play a significant role in our mythologies The holy cow is seen as a granter of wishes, an auspicious animal and a protector of Shiva. The dog appears in many stories as a loyal friend of the Gods. The horse is usually depicted as friendly and loyal, and is revered as a mythical creature that can fly to heaven and possesses wings. Know the stories and interpretations of these fascinating creatures in this episode of Animals in Mythology.

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    E2 Peacock, Snake, Eagle
    31 July 2020 | 19 min

    A figure of beauty and royalty, the peacock symbolism often appears in our mythological tales. The snake is closely linked with Lord Shiva, and there are also a number of stories depicting snakes as evil and wicked creatures. The eagle, on the other hand, is depicted as being extremely powerful and gifted with immortality. Delve deeper into some fascinating stories of these majestic animals from our scriptures on this episode of Animals in Mythology.

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    E3 Tiger, Lion, Bear
    01 August 2020 | 17 min

    In Hindu mythology, some animals occupy an exalted status. Devi Durga’s vehicle of choice, the tiger, is considered to be spiritually evolved. The lion, another majestic and ferocious creature, is one of the fiercest avatars of Vishnu. The bear another wild, fearless, and courageous beast forms an integral part in Hindu mythology.



Release Date

01 August 2020


Mythology, Mystery, Fantasy