Pune 24th May

Pune 24th May

Author: IVM Podcasts

Welcome to your weekly fix of ifoundawesome with LBB - your go-to local recommendations and discoveries platform. This week in and around Pune, there are a couple of breakfast spots that you should definitely check out and hey, weve found you a perfect getaway in Lonavala And more awesome things Episodes out every Thursday. Listen to this show and other interesting shows on the IVM Podcast App on Android: https://goo.gl/tGYdU1 or iOS: https://goo.gl/sZSTU5 Check out our website at http://www.ivmpodcasts.com/

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69 Episodes
  1. Ep.00: Intro
    • 00:51
  2. Mumbai10th May
    • 03:14
  3. Delhi10th May
    • 03:09
  4. Bangalore10th May
    • 03:03
  5. Pune10th May
    • 03:18
  6. Bangalore17th May
    • 03:27
  7. Delhi17th May
    • 03:34
  8. Mumbai17th May
    • 03:24
  9. Pune17th May
    • 03:36
  10. Pune24th May
    • 03:00
  11. Bangalore24th May
    • 02:43
  12. Delhi24th May
    • 03:01
  13. Mumbai24th May
    • 03:05
  14. Delhi31st May
    • 03:32
  15. Pune31st May
    • 03:14
  16. Bangalore31st May
    • 03:03
  17. Mumbai31st May
    • 03:27
  18. Pune7th June
    • 03:06
  19. Bangalore7th June
    • 02:57
  20. Delhi7th June
    • 03:06
  21. Mumbai7th June
    • 03:13
  22. Bangalore14th June
    • 02:51
  23. Pune14th June
    • 03:19
  24. Delhi14th June
    • 03:24
  25. Mumbai14th June
    • 03:02
  26. Delhi21st June
    • 03:10
  27. Pune21st June
    • 03:08
  28. Bangalore21st June
    • 02:51
  29. Mumbai21st June
    • 03:13
  30. Bangalore28th June
    • 02:53
  31. Pune28th June
    • 02:57
  32. Delhi28th June
    • 03:07
  33. Mumbai28th June
    • 03:36
  34. Mumbai5th July
    • 03:24
  35. Bangalore5th July
    • 02:45
  36. Pune5th July
    • 02:48
  37. Delhi5th July
    • 02:56
  38. Pune12th July
    • 02:59
  39. Delhi12th July
    • 02:59
  40. Bangalore12th July
    • 03:11
  41. Mumbai12th July
    • 03:34
  42. Pune19th July
    • 03:40
  43. Bangalore19th July
    • 03:28
  44. Delhi19th July
    • 03:35
  45. Mumbai19th July
    • 04:05
  46. Delhi26th July
    • 03:36
  47. Pune26th July
    • 03:39
  48. Bangalore26th July
    • 03:26
  49. Mumbai26th July
    • 04:05
  50. Pune2nd Aug
    • 03:47
  51. Mumbai2nd Aug
    • 04:20
  52. Bangalore2nd Aug
    • 03:31
  53. Delhi2nd Aug
    • 03:54
  54. Bangalore9th August
    • 04:46
  55. Delhi9th August
    • 04:38
  56. Mumbai9th August
    • 05:02
  57. Pune9th August
    • 04:29
  58. Bangalore16th August
    • 04:52
  59. Mumbai16th August
    • 05:11
  60. Pune16th August
    • 04:49
  61. Delhi16th August
    • 04:57
  62. Bangalore23rd August
    • 04:21
  63. Delhi23rd August
    • 04:16
  64. Mumbai23rd August
    • 04:51
  65. Pune23rd August
    • 04:15
  66. Pune30th August
    • 03:48
  67. Bangalore30th August
    • 03:59
  68. Delhi30th August
    • 03:41
  69. Mumbai30th August
    • 04:49

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