U • Drama • Political • 1994

Of indeterminate age, Tunu lives and spends her time at the Howrah Railway Station, searching desperately for the one face which can change her life: the face of her father Dinesh Roy, a smalltime politician. He has abandoned her and her mother, Geeta, who has now become a bootlegger and prostitute in order to survive. One day, Tunu does locate Dinesh and goes to Delhi to meet him but she is drugged and dumped into a train without a ticket. Returning home to Calcutta she finds that her mother has been murdered. Then, one day, she sees her fathers photograph in the newspaper. He is to address a political meeting in Calcutta. Tunu attends the meeting and tries to contact her father but is thrown out. While Dinesh Roy talks of integrity, his illegitimate daughter is on the way to the police lockup for disturbing the peace.

Cast: Paresh Rawal Paresh Rawal



Release Date

02 June 1994


Drama, Political


Paresh Rawal


Paresh Rawal