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Half a century ago, Rajasthan, India. Not the Rajasthan of sand dunes but of barren mountains, stunted Khejari trees and painted mansions. The land of Shekhavati. A couple in search of a cure for their seven year old ailing daughter. Jassu Kaka, a village elder who knows the cure, but guides them to Sukku Baba- a Fakir living in the desert. A village where no girl child survives beyond the age of seven. An old woman in the twilight zone of sanity and madness, the only symbol of compassion in a village torn by greed and intolerance. A woman fighting for the rights of her child even after her own death. An old well from which ghosts of the past emerge. A community confessing its crimes long forgotten. An absolution for the sinners. A Tarpan for the departed souls.

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