U/A 7+ • Social Issues • Drama • 1983

Rich middleaged widow Damayanti, a high society patron of the arts, hosts a party in honour of Diwakar Barve, a celebrated playwright and novelist, who has received a prestigious literary award. The party attracts the literary and cultural elite of the town, as also the fawning cognoscenti which trail in their wake. One name keeps cropping up in the course of the conversation Amrit, a writer of immense talent and potential, once very much patronized by this set. Amrit, the powerful poet, leaves a promising literary career to join the tribal people in their struggle against exploitation. His attempt to bridge the chasm between words and deed haunts all others at the party. He is the invisible thread binding the tapestry of the film together, his enigmatic presence finally becoming more meaningful and poignant than the rest.

Director: Vijaya Mehta

Actors: Vijaya Mehta



Release Date

31 December 1983


Social Issues, Drama


Vijaya Mehta


Vijaya Mehta