Social Issues • Drama | 01:58:33 | 5+

Actor: Jatin Bora, Ashish Vidyarthi, Deboshri Roy, Nipon Goswami, Pranjal Saikia


Ranjit is an educated and unemployed young man, desperately looking for a job. He is taught to use a gun by people who promise to show him a new way of life and lead him to a better future. One day, as instructed by these people, he shoots and kills Anuradhas husband. A few days later, Banajit Dutta, a Professor of the local college, is shot to death. As time goes by and Ranjit grows inevitably closer to Duttas family, life in this strange prison becomes intolerable. Haunted by memories of the crime that he isnt allowed to forget, tortured by guilt and remorse, he struggles to find peace and retain his sanity.

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