Jeevan Smriti

U • Biography • Documentary • 2013

Tagore’s attaining of a unified vision of internationalism in a period of colonialism was no mean achievement. Growing up in the capital city of our erstwhile British masters, a motherless child sequestered in an opulent zamindar mansion, he was cared for perfunctorily by maids and manservants, and largely left to his own devices. He ran away from school time and again, mostly out of boredom, and had eventually to be tutored at home with no fixed curriculum. Right from Tagore’s early childhood to his late years the film beautifully captures the thinking, feeling, loving human being, in love with the world and all its living creatures.

Director: Sanjoy Nag

Actors: Sanjoy Nag



Release Date

18 October 2013


Biography, Documentary


Sanjoy Nag


Sanjoy Nag