U/A 16+ • Social Issues • Drama • 1983

The film opens with a wedding procession followed by the ritual sacrifice of a sheep and invocation to God. A teenage bride, Yesu has been married to the mentally retarded son of a lecherous old man. On the night of the wedding, the fatherinlaw tries to rape Yesu and in the scuffle he is killed. A frightened Yesu runs away and hides in an abandoned warehouse. The very next day a new warehouse keeper Edekar and his attendant Dharma, take charge of the warehouse. Yesu is discovered hiding behind some old bags of wheat. They feed her and let her stay for the night, but Edekar is afraid of giving refuge to the girl. As time passes, Dharma becomes friendly with herl and develops a protective attitude. His head office decides to send truckloads of food grain to the warehouse. Edekar is scared of the girl being found out. He starts drinking heavily and losing his sanity. Finally, in a fit of drunken fury, he ask Yesu to leave immediately. Back to his room he suffers from hallucinations about Yesu and the impending arrival of trucks. He runs to the warehouse. When he opens the door, he finds that Yesu has hanged herself.

Director: K. K. Raina

Actors: K. K. Raina



Release Date

08 August 1983


Social Issues, Drama


K. K. Raina


K. K. Raina