U/A 7+ • Romance • Social Issues • Drama • 1972

With hopes to improve an impoverished lifestyle in Lucknow, Ghulam Hasan, on the insistent advice of his friend, Lalulal, shifts to Mumbai, leaving an ailing mother and his wife behind in Lucknow. His friend helps him get a job as a taxi cleaner. After months, despite his best efforts, he is unable to make it to Lucknow to visit his family. Lalulal meanwhile is dealing with his own set of troubles with his sweetheart Yashodhra, with the pair of them struggling to rent a decent apartment in the city. It is a story of struggle in the city of dreams. Is it really a city of dreams or is it a city that traps you, always keeps your dream just within reach whereas it is constantly deluding you.

Director: Farooq Shaikh

Actors: Farooq Shaikh



Release Date

02 May 1972


Romance, Social Issues, Drama


Farooq Shaikh


Farooq Shaikh