Genre: Social Issues • Drama | 02:13:40

Age Description: U/A 13+  PG - Language, Violence

Cast: Nana Patekar, Manohar Singh, Ashish Mishra, Rajashri Sawant


Acharya Udupa is a vedic scholar running a residential school - a gurukul. An austere man demanding rigorous discipline from the novices under training, he accepts the latest disciple, Nanni, with the utmost reluctance. Nanni’s training begins at two levels, the formal one with the Acharya, informal one with a couple of fellow novices. Also living with Udupa is Yamuna, his young daughter, a widow, whose life has a secret side to it. She is in love with the local schoolmaster – a forbidden, abhorrent idea for the Brahmin society. One night, during the Acharya’s absence from the village, Yamuna has an intimate meeting with the schoolmaster. She becomes pregnant, and something terrible follows in an orthodox Brahminical society.

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