Drama | 01 Hr 58 Min | 5+


Sunil, an NRI married to an American girl is returning to Kolkata after 15 years to see his father who has never reconciled to his marriage. A shock awaits him when he learns that his father has disappeared and no one knows where he has gone. The only people who could know are his sister Ruma who lives in Banaras, his younger brother Anil in Mumbai and their old servant Sambhu. With a deep sense of guilt Sunil hits upon a clue that suggests his father had spent the last few years at an old age home near Kolkata. The final blow is the discovery that his father had died a few months earlier and had been cremated because no one had claimed the body. It is at the home that Sunil meets Satyababu, who tells him that his father cared more for his children than they did for him.

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