Ekaant Sarhad Paar

U • Travel • 2016

After exploring the forgotten histories of India end to end, Ekaant puts a foot forward and goes Sarhad Paar Ekaant Sarhad Paar takes us back into a time when India was more than just a political entity. It was an idea spread far and wide. History buff and Anchor Akul Tripathi packs his bags and heads to glittering Sri Lanka for an Ekaant divided by political boundaries but united still by that idea of India to explore a tale every Indian child has grown up listening to. In this special episode, Akul explores the Ekaant of Sigiriya, a magnificent rock, the ruins of a rockpalace, which myths and folklore eulogise as Ravanas palace. The same palace in whose gardens he had imprisoned Sita Following the Ramayan trail into the heartland of Sri Lanka. Much has changed in the cultural links between India and Sri Lanka since the time of the Ramayana, yet there is more than just a hint of the ancient Jambudweep and Ratnadweep that still lingers in the Ekaant.

Director: Shubhra Chattarji



Release Date

31 December 2016




Shubhra Chattarji