TV9 Telugu

TV9 entered the Telugu electronic media space in 2004, during its nascent stage. Since that time, TV9’s slogan, “Towards Better Society”, has been not just a mere tagline but the guiding philosophy and driving policy of TV9 Telugu. TV9 has consistently portrayed news as news and has become synonymous with unbiased news and courageous investigative journalism. On behalf of the people, TV9 has unravelled several bribery cases through its powerful sting operations. Over the years, TV9 has stood as the voice of the voiceless and for the betterment of the citizenry. Whether it is an accident, bomb blast, natural calamity, unforeseen incident, political event or a high-profile case, whether it is in India or abroad, the TV9 Telegu team is at the scene first. With its unique news presentation and credibility, TV9 Telugu has become the No.1 news channel in the twin Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Rajnikanth Vellalacheruvu leads the TV9 Telugu team.