TV9 Gujarati

TV9 Gujarati is the leading news platform in Gujarat both in its broadcasting and digital avatars. The Gujarati language platform has been unstoppable since its launch, retaining its leadership position. With its tagline of Garv Chhe Gujarati Chhun (Proud to be Gujarati), TV9 Gujarati has been the chronicler of Gujarati pride. True to its tagline, the platform also celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of Gujarat. For the discerning audience in Gujarat, TV9 Gujarati is the go-to brand that disseminates clear, precise and insightful news. TV9 Gujarati’s mission has been to continue advancing and improving the quality of news dissemination in Gujarati. Today, Gujaratis all over the world turn to TV9 Gujarati for any news from the region. Be it a natural disaster or an important political development, TV9 Gujarati rises to the occasion to provide structured information to its viewers with people-centricity at the core of its reporting. With a pro-people motto, both the TV and digital platforms of TV9 Gujarati have come to rule the hearts of viewers.