The DU Experience | Food, Tales & Nostalgia

U/A 7+ • Travel • 2021

The first episode of THIS IS MY DELHI series takes us to the period of nostalgia called the College Life. Along with my friend philosopher Abhinav Kashyap a fellow batchmate from IIM Bangalore, an ardent food lover, an experimental cook, a graduate of the famed Hindu College quite an atypical Dilliwala this is not only going to be a foodies guide to the north campus of Delhi university but will also take us to a walk down memory lane

Director: Abhishek Vaid


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    Delhi Food Tour with an HR professional who became food walks curator
    10 February 2021 | 9 min

    If you have ever Googled Delhi Food, there is a very high chance that you would have come across Delhi Food Walks The passion project of Anubhav Sapra which has redefined delhi street food scene. Sapra’s specially curated tours cover every kind of street food available in Delhi — from breakfast to kebabs and momos. Join us as Anubhav takes me through the bylanes of Old Delhi and leaving me inspired by his knowledge of street food and his expertise of the authentic taste of Delhi.

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    Art District: Delhi’s Best Kept Secret
    10 February 2021 | 9 min

    Exploring Lodhi Colony Indias First Public Art District Art and life go hand in hand as you walk through the streets of Lodhi Colony, be it the street art or Delhis thriving food scene. In this episode of ThisIsMyDelhi, I explore yet another unique corner of Delhi Lodhi Colony where I start my day amidst the graffiti colorful murals of Lodhi Art District, and end it by hunting for food in Lodhi Garden.

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    Venice to Humayun’s Tomb | Rediscovering Delhi
    11 February 2021 | 10 min

    A FOREIGNER LIVING INDIA I have always been quite curious about what’s it like being a foreigner in India do they feel safe in India, their first impressions, myths and misconceptions about India, how do Indians react when they meet a foreigner speaking in Hindi and the general day to day life experiences of foreigners living in India. And this curiosity brought me to Elena Tommaseo, a graphic designer from Venice, Italy who has been living in India since a decade. The move to India not only changed her country but also the direction in life. Her curious nature made her switch from graphic designing to becoming a freelance tour leader, who wants to showcase the unique mysteries of Delhi.



Release Date

10 February 2021




Abhishek Vaid