The Pleasure is all Mine

The Pleasure is all Mine

  • Author: Shanaya Taneja

Trisha wants to be rich and famous, so she opens her arms for all the right men. She doesnt care if its Sanjay or someone else. She has the beauty to lure and the brain to know how, where and when. Sanjay is a happy man - with a beautiful trophy wife and roaring extra marital affairs. He dated a few, slept with many, but respected none. Until he saw Trisha, and she was all he could think about. A refined socialite and a renowned mans wife - thats the identity Bharti has lived with. Caught in a loveless marriage, she dares to break free and find herself when love comes knocking. Breathtakingly charming and lovable, Ankit is a guy who thinks from his heart. He lives to enjoy life and makes every second count when he bumps into Bharti. The only thing more shocking than the dark, dangerous pleasures they discover is how right it feels. When their lives mingle and feelings kindle, dirty secrets are revealed. A story of love, lust, deception and betrayal, The Pleasure Is All Mine is an irresistibly sensual page-turner that explores having it all, and the consequences of wanting more.

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