Hanuman The Immortal-II

U/A 7+ • Kids & Family • Kids • 2010

Thousands of years after the war of Lanka, a mutant demon warrior is back with a vengeance.Resurrected after the apocalyptic war, this dark force Raaka, has set his eyes on what all human daylights have failed to see the hidden land of the Vanars and his nemesis, Hanuman He is the only hurdle enroute the evil enterprise of reawakening the Asura race. He is armed with the weaponry of Maya, a dark magic practiced to perfection by the most astute Asuras and Aryas of the past. With this he is virtually unassailable and capable of causing illusions within flora, fauna and conscience. The only defense could be one evoked through spiritual wisdom.The mighty Vanar of the past, who is now an ageless sage, a mentor in his recluse, must awaken the warrior in him, to overcome the deadly weapons of the Monstrous Dark Magic To prevent this sorcerous assault upon all of Mankind, he may need more than what we know him for. With an unexpected ally in the form of Bindi, a nine year old girl with a lost memory, Hanuman must do whatever he can, to save all that lies at stake his little forest hamlet, his species and humanity itself. Can this ancient being decipher the riddle of the old sage, override his bane and discover his legendary might



Release Date

31 December 2010


Kids & Family, Kids