Ep. 09: Can You Beat The Monday Blues Forever?

Ep. 09: Can You Beat The Monday Blues Forever? ...

Author: IVM Podcasts

On this BQ Big Decisions podcast, BloombergQuint spoke to Harshvardhan Roongta, Founder of Roongta Securities to find out whether financial independence is the privilege of the selected few or if it is something everyone can aspire to achieve? You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: https://ivm.today/android or iOS: https://ivm.today/ios, or any other podcast app. You can check out our website at http://www.ivmpodcasts.com/

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41 Episodes
  1. Ep.00: Introduction
    • 00:33
  2. Ep.01: First Step Towards Saving
    • 16:31
  3. Ep.02: Why Goal-Based Investing Is Crucial
    • 20:34
  4. Ep.03: Should You Rent Or Buy A House?
    • 21:40
  5. Ep.04: How Much Gold Should You Buy?
    • 18:45
  6. Ep.05: Tax Planning Is Like School Homework - You Should Ideally Get ...
    • 24:35
  7. Ep. 06: Four Insurance Policies You Must Have
    • 24:15
  8. Ep.07: Government Schemes The Best Method To Save For Retirement?
    • 24:22
  9. Ep.08: Should You Own A Credit Card? If So, What's The Best Way To U ...
    • 21:12
  10. Ep.09: Can You Beat The Monday Blues Forever?
    • 18:21
  11. Ep.10: Why Should New Investors Consider Buying Index Funds
    • 19:47
  12. Ep.11: A Bank Deposit Is Your Best Friend When Equity Is On Slippery ...
    • 20:19
  13. Ep.12: Why Understanding Risk Is Crucial For Every Investor
    • 18:14
  14. Ep.13: How Much Life Insurance Cover Should You Have?
    • 28:54
  15. Ep.14: Steps To Follow When Dealing With A Job Loss
    • 28:57
  16. Ep.15: Why Women May Be Better Money Managers Than Men
    • 24:36
  17. Ep.16: Financial Planning For Freelancers
    • 24:50
  18. Ep.17: Are You Or Is Someone You Know Retiring Soon?
    • 30:05
  19. Ep.18: What You Need To Know If You’re Dreaming Of Launching Your ...
    • 21:04
  20. Ep.19: Advantages Of Debt Mutual Funds
    • 22:28
  21. Ep.20: Planning To Buy A Car?
    • 22:34
  22. Ep.21: Cleaning Up Your Portfolio This Diwali
    • 17:59
  23. Ep.22: All You Need To Know About STPs & SWPs
    • 17:45
  24. Ep.23: How Should Young Couples Handle Their Finances
    • 25:17
  25. Ep.24: Choosing A Mutual Fund Scheme That Suits You
    • 29:54
  26. Ep.25: The Gauranteed Way To Meet Your Financial Goals
    • 19:12
  27. Ep.26: Active Vs Passive: Which Voice Should Your Investment Speak I ...
    • 33:24
  28. Ep.27: Planning To Take A Home Loan?
    • 26:04
  29. Ep.28: Should You Invest In The Bharat Bond ETF?
    • 28:43
  30. Ep.29: Financial Planning 101 For Homemakers
    • 24:28
  31. Ep.30: Alternate Investment Avenues
    • 30:54
  32. Ep.31: Make Sure Your Personal Finance Vision Is 2020
    • 30:01
  33. Ep.32: Financial Planning For The Single Parent
    • 13:19
  34. Ep.33: How To Choose The Right Equity Mutual Fund Scheme
    • 29:26
  35. Ep.34: Your Guide To Last-Minute Tax Saving
    • 28:46
  36. Ep.35: Should You Opt For The New Income Tax Regime
    • 19:56
  37. Ep.36: How Financial Planners Choose The Funds To Recommend
    • 19:33
  38. Ep.37: Why Is Your Credit Score Important?
    • 23:21
  39. Ep.38: Is There A Use Case For Making Equity Investments Abroad?
    • 21:18
  40. Ep.39: Safeguarding Investments Amid Virus Fears
    • 25:14
  41. Ep.40: The Core Tactics For The Right Investment
    • 18:10

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