E1 Heaven Dilavar Intro 20:37

E1 Heaven Dilavar Intro

To repent for his crimes, Raja Harishchandra is sentenced to live on earth as an ordinary human being. As he searches for the ideal citizen to inhabit, he stumbles upon the unconscious body of his lookalike Dilavar Singh, a don.

E2 Raja Settles 21:02

E2 Raja Settles

Raja Harishchandra gets shocked at the crimes and vices that surround Dilavar Singh’s life. Meanwhile, Sandhya, who still doubts her husband Dilavar’s intentions, attempts to test his faithfulness.

E3 Dilavar Nani 21:24

E3 Dilavar Nani

Sandhya plans a trip to a hill station and Dilvar decides to accompany her. While they are out, Dilvars girlfriend Monica and his handicapped sister both happen to drop by, ensuing chaos after a case of mistaken identity

E4 Cough Syrup 18:42

E4 Cough Syrup

Dilavar’s daughter Sonia auditions for a cough syrup endorsement but ends up getting drunk and upsetting Sandhya. Then, the unexpected happens when Ramcharan Ved Prakash pays a visit to seek Sonia as a match for his son.

E5 Sonia Gets a Job 20:46

E5 Sonia Gets a Job

Sonia finally gets a job and happily informs her parents about the good news. They forbid her from going to Lonalva for a weekend work-trip with her new boss. Both make various attempts to change the others’ mind.

E6 Hotel - 1 20:18

E6 Hotel - 1

Chota Sajan sends his cronies Dhatura and Bhatura to spy on Dilavar, who is his nemesis. Meanwhile, Rajeev comes to Dilavar for help as he suspects that his wife Shalini is having an affair and wants to catch her red-handed.

E7 Hotel - 2 21:52

E7 Hotel - 2

Dhatura and Bhatura kidnap Dilavar’s injured friend Malik and hide him in Room 612 where Rajeev meets Helen on the sly. Monica and Shalini turn up at the hotel, and so does Sandya to keep an eye on Dilavar. All this results in a comedy of errors.

E8 Sandhya Pagal - 1 20:50

E8 Sandhya Pagal - 1

Malik calls Monica since Dilavar is alone at home. Dilavar refuses to recognize Monica but she still attempts to remind him of the past. A scared Monica hides behind the sofa when Sandhya suddenly returns home.

E9 Sandhya Pagal - 2 21:08

E9 Sandhya Pagal - 2

A bedraggled stranger claiming to be a journalist visits Dilavar’s home. Sandhya exchanges identities” with Monica with the assumption that the journalist is a lunatic murderer can help get rid of the her.

E10 Theatre - 1 18:40

E10 Theatre - 1

Rocky, a handsome young man mistakenly comes to Dilavar’s house. Dolly falls in love with him at first sight and plays tricks to impress him. However, Rocky seems more taken in by Sonia.

E11 Theatre - 2 19:05

E11 Theatre - 2

Upon returning home, Sandhya gets upset to see Sonia and Dolly getting close to Rohan and Rocky while rehearsing for a play and berates them. Thief Ramlal uses this distraction as an opportunity to steal Dilavars expensive necklace.

E12 Theatre - 3 19:50

E12 Theatre - 3

Sandhya has asked Malik to keep an eye on the necklace but Ramlal tricks him and steals it. As Ramlal goes into hiding with his stolen goods, Inspector Gaitonde arrives there to arrest him for his crimes.

E13 Bhoot - 1 20:51

E13 Bhoot - 1

Rohan sends Sonia a flower bouquet for her birthday but due to miscommunication, the label is addressed to Rachna. Angry at Rohan, Sonia plans an overnight trip to Madh Island in order to cool off.

E14 Bhoot - 2 21:02

E14 Bhoot - 2

Everyone reaches the Mohini Mansion Bungalow in Madh Island but are unaware that it is haunted. Dhatura and Bhatura also land up there with the intention to kidnap Dilavar.

E15 Bhoot - 3 21:22

E15 Bhoot - 3

Sandhya is unable to sleep at night due to the weird noises. Rohan tries to scare Sonia but instead has to face her increased fury over the Rachna issue. He then takes his friends help to pacify her.

E16 Divorce 19:49

E16 Divorce

Sandhya is depressed because her “husband” uttered Taramatis name in his sleep and demands an explanation. Not knowing what a divorce is, the innocent Raja Harishchandra unknowingly agrees to give Sandhya one thinking it will appease her.

E17 Dancing Dose 21:01

E17 Dancing Dose

A scheming vet is subjecting animals to cruel experiments and Sonia and Dolly hatch a plan to catch him in the act. But things go haywire when Inspector Gaitonde is injured.

E18 Clinic - 1 19:13

E18 Clinic - 1

Dolly and Sandhya decide to take Dilavar to meet a specialist to cure him of his supposed memory loss. While goons come to the clinic to kidnap Dilavar, Monica who happens to be there, tries to rescue him.

E19 Clinic - 2 21:52

E19 Clinic - 2

Monica tries various tricks to get Dilavar to remember his past life. It all backfires when the goons hold everyone hostage. It is then up to Dolly to get everyone out of the sticky mess.