Genre: Music | 02:12:05

Age Description: A  PG - Violence, Sex, Substance, Alcohol, Language


Jhankaar Beats is a film about six individuals. Deep and Rishi work together in an advertising agency by the day. And the night is when they don their musical instruments and play in a club at the end of the street. Together their life’s sole ambition is to win ‘Jhankaar Beats’. A prestigious, inter-state music competition that they have, for the past two years lost. Deep is happily married to Shanti. Shanti is at the time of our film, 7 months pregnant. Life has never been this happy for Deep and Shanti. Except that there is one hitch. Deep’s mother-in-law. And what’s even worse is that she’s coming down to live with them to take care of Shanti during her pregnancy. Rishi, the quintessential brat, on the other hand is in the midst of a bitter divorce with Nicki, his wife of 3 years. And right in the middle of Rishi’s nasty divorce and Deep’s nightmare with his ma-in-law, comes into their lives, a young man. Neel. Neel’s biggest problem is that he is in love with a young girl called Priti. And yet, he can’t tell her about his love. All in all, Jhankaar Beats is a feel good film about three men and their lives. It’s about their women, their inspirations, their music, their ambitions and above all, their triumphs over the small hurdles that we call life.

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