Episode 1 - Jai Bajrangi 13:48

Episode 1 - Jai Bajrangi

The episode is Sita’s narrative of the special bond she shares with Hanuman. She reflects over the reason Bajrangi left his mother, Anjana and recounts how Surya Dev becomes Hanuman’s Guru.

Episode 2 - Jai Bajrangi 12:43

Episode 2 - Jai Bajrangi

In this episode, Sita fondly remembers Hanuman visiting Ayodhya with Mahadev in his childhood and striking a friendship with Lord Ram.

Episode 3 - Jai Bajrangi 14:36

Episode 3 - Jai Bajrangi

An emotional Bajrangi meets his idol, Lord Ram, in stressful circumstances, after the evil Ravan abducts Sita.

Episode 4 - Jai Bajrangi 14:21

Episode 4 - Jai Bajrangi

An amusing and heart-warming story of Lakshman and Hanuman’s bickering. Each wants to protect Rama, and watch over him in the forest at night.

Episode 5 - Jai Bajrangi 14:38

Episode 5 - Jai Bajrangi

An endearing tale about Hanuman and Lakshman’s love and devotion towards Lord Ram, brought alive with powerful voice-overs.

Episode 6 - Jai Bajrangi 13:48

Episode 6 - Jai Bajrangi

After being defeated in a fight by Hanuman, Sampati learns how his brave brother Jatayu lost his life while trying to save Sita from Ravan.

Episode 7 - Jai Bajrangi 14:14

Episode 7 - Jai Bajrangi

Sita talks about Bajrangi’s powers and narrates the reason behind his forgetfulness.

Episode 8 - Jai Bajrangi 13:59

Episode 8 - Jai Bajrangi

Sita narrates the popular tale when Nag Mata Sursa tests Lord Hanuman as he crosses the sea, on his way to Ravan’s Lanka. An interesting tale that teaches us to choose our battles wisely.

Episode 9 - Jai Bajrangi 13:39

Episode 9 - Jai Bajrangi

In this episode, Sita recalls how Mainak Parvat rises from the sea to offer some rest to a tired Hanuman, while on his way to get the ‘Sanjeevani Booti.’ How a stressed Hanuman shuns him and they both get into a fight.

Episode 10 - Jai Bajrangi 14:34

Episode 10 - Jai Bajrangi

Listen to the story behind Hanuman and daughter of the demon king, Hiranyakashipu’s fight.

Episode 11 - Jai Bajrangi 13:02

Episode 11 - Jai Bajrangi

Sita narrates the story of Hanuman and Vibhishan’s first meeting and how Bajrangi got to know about Vibhishan’s devotion to Lord Rama.

Episode 12 - Jai Bajrangi 14:20

Episode 12 - Jai Bajrangi

Sita recalls the first time she meets Bajrangi. Shrunk to the size of a mouse, he ran through Lanka looking for his ‘Mata Sita,’ and found her held captive in an Ashoka tree grove, near Ravan’s palace.

Episode 13 - Jai Bajrangi 13:46

Episode 13 - Jai Bajrangi

The episode tells the story behind Bajrangi and Shani’s bond and how Hanuman saved Shani from the clutches of Ravan.

Episode 14 - Jai Bajrangi 14:19

Episode 14 - Jai Bajrangi

The popular and entertaining story of ‘Lanka Dahan’ Lanka burning is brought alive in this episode. How Ravan’s order to set Hanuman’s tail on fire goes haywire when naughty Bajrangi uses his burning tail to set Lanka ablaze

Episode 15 - Jai Bajrangi 13:51

Episode 15 - Jai Bajrangi

An endearing narration of a squirrel helping Lord Ram’s army build a bridge to Lanka and Bajrangi’s pangs of insecurity when Lord Ram expresses gratitude to the squirrel.

Episode 16 - Jai Bajrangi 13:24

Episode 16 - Jai Bajrangi

How Bajrangi met Govardhan Parvat while looking for enormous structures to build a bridge over sea to Ravan’s Lanka.

Episode 17 - Jai Bajrangi 11:55

Episode 17 - Jai Bajrangi

An emotional story, Sita recalls the time when Lord Ram tries to convince his army he is not a God, but a mortal just like them.

Episode 18 - Jai Bajrangi 14:43

Episode 18 - Jai Bajrangi

When Bajrangi tries all his might to get the Shivling from Kailash Parvat, but in vain. The episode recounts his frustration, anger and finally a sense of atonement.

Episode 19 - Jai Bajrangi 12:47

Episode 19 - Jai Bajrangi

Demons Shukh and Saran try to infiltrate lord Ram’s army in disguise, but Vibhishan recognizes them, and an enraged Bajrangi defeats them in a battle.

Episode 20 - Jai Bajrangi 13:28

Episode 20 - Jai Bajrangi

An interesting narrative of Ravan’s younger brother Vibhishan showing allegiance to Lord Ram instead and joining his army against the evil king.

Episode 21 - Jai Bajrangi 14:05

Episode 21 - Jai Bajrangi

A touching story about Bajrangi’s power and wisdom, and how he helps others and remains a humble and loyal devotee through it all.

Episode 22 - Jai Bajrangi 14:04

Episode 22 - Jai Bajrangi

An emotional Sita narrates how Bajrangi fights all odds and brings the ‘Sanjeevani Booti’ to save the grievously injured Lakshman’s life.

Episode 23 - Jai Bajrangi 12:35

Episode 23 - Jai Bajrangi

Sita recounts how Ravan compels Surya Dev to rise before time to ensure Lakshman dies and how Bajrangi outwits him.

Episode 24- Jai Bajrangi 14:03

Episode 24- Jai Bajrangi

One of the many untold tales, Bajrangi fearlessly fights Ahiravan, the ruler of Patal Lok and a master of magic and illusion, to save his beloved Lord Ram.

Episode 25 - Jai Bajrangi 13:20

Episode 25 - Jai Bajrangi

Sita narrates the story when Ahiravan created an illusion to trick Bajrangi and enter Lord Ram’s camp.

Episode 26 - Jai Bajrangi 14:29

Episode 26 - Jai Bajrangi

Lord Hanuman had chosen celibacy. But he still has a son. What is the reason behind this? Listen to the story about it

Episode 27 - Jai Bajrangi 11:38

Episode 27 - Jai Bajrangi

Lord Hanumans wit is legendary He once saved Shri Ram from getting married twice with his intellect. Listen to this amazing story

Episode 28 - Jai Bajrangi 14:05

Episode 28 - Jai Bajrangi

Listen to the story behind Ravans immortality

Episode 29 - Jai Bajrangi 15:52

Episode 29 - Jai Bajrangi

Listen to the story of how Lord Hanuman helped Shri Ram defeat Ravan and save Ma Sita.

Episode 30 - Jai Bajrangi 13:56

Episode 30 - Jai Bajrangi

Lord Hanuman goes to meet his mother Anjana. Listen to find out what happens next

Episode 31 - Jai Bajrangi 10:55

Episode 31 - Jai Bajrangi

Lord Hanuman finds out about other great devotee of Shri Ram. He disguises as a sage to take his test. Listen to the story now

Episode 32 - Jai Bajrangi 12:25

Episode 32 - Jai Bajrangi

Ma Sita gifts her Moti Ka Haar to Lord Hanuman. But he turns into a swan after receiving it Listen to this story

Episode 33 - Jai Bajrangi 13:46

Episode 33 - Jai Bajrangi

Lord Hanuman being a celibate never interacts with women. But there was one occassion when he was forced to do so. Listen to the story about that incident

Episode 34 - Jai Bajrangi 13:06

Episode 34 - Jai Bajrangi

Lord Hanuman explains the cycle of life and meaning of experiencing lifetime.

Episode 35 - Jai Bajrangi 13:42

Episode 35 - Jai Bajrangi

Shri Ram decides to take Samadhi leaving Lord Hanuman devastated. Listen to this beautiful story.

Episode 36 - Jai Bajrangi 13:58

Episode 36 - Jai Bajrangi

Ma Sita reveals how Shri Rams Samadhi affected Lord Hanuman. Listen to the podcast for the story.

Episode 37 - Jai Bajrangi 13:47

Episode 37 - Jai Bajrangi

The greatest fear of every human on this earth is about death. But Lord Hanuman has the gift of Abhay which makes him absolutely fearless. Listen to the story about this special power of Bajrangi

Episode 38 - Jai Bajrangi 14:23

Episode 38 - Jai Bajrangi

Bajrangi has the power of preventing death but is unable to stop his beloved Dinanath from dying. Why is this so? Find out in this episode.

Episode 39 - Jai Bajrangi 13:48

Episode 39 - Jai Bajrangi

Listen to the story of Lord Hanumans encounter with the worlds greatest archer Arjun

Episode 40 - Jai Bajrangi 13:35

Episode 40 - Jai Bajrangi

Bheem comes across Lord Hanuman but doesnt recognise him. He ends up insulting him by calling him a mere Vaanar. Seeing this, Bajrangi decides to teach him a worthy lesson Listen to this story in this episode