When Life Cartwheels - Tumultuous Love Story Of A Sannyasi

When Life Cartwheels - Tumultuous Love Story Of ...

  • Author: Raj Supe

This modern-day love story, subtly juxtaposed on the life of the famous 12th century poet, Jayadeva, author of the luminous Gita Govinda, is born of the churning confluence of two polar opposites – a vivacious dancer and a scholarly sannyasi. Shaman, a Harvard Professor, has found peace for his restless soul at his Master’s feet. An accomplished yogi, his life resembles the river Alaknanda, deep and serene, flowing unaffected past the craggy world around it. Into his life comes Shambhavi, a nayika, an irresistibly beautiful young artiste, like the rippling river Mandakini, carrying everything in its exuberant flow. Can one ever know God without experiencing love? Can even an ascetic be free of the lures of samsara? Must each one inevitably yield to the demands of the flesh? Is it possible to prevent the unfolding of destiny? This engrossing prequel to When Life Turns Turtle, leaves a deep imprint on the reader as it delves into life’s mesmerising riddle.

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