Udayan The Forgotten Pandava

Udayan The Forgotten Pandava

  • Author: Rajendra Kher

The story of Udayan, direct descendant of the great Pandava warrior Arjuna, is all that remains of the third great Indian epic, the Bruhatkatha. Though he is raised to be a warrior-King, whose sword must carry the blood of his enemies, as a supremely gifted veena maestro, his soul belongs to the Goddess of Music. As time passes, the great Vatsa Empire crumbles as its musician-King sits lost to the reality of intrigue, espionage and war which threatens to wipe out both his kingdom and the Pandava line forever. This is the epic tale of Udayan, his devoted Minister, Yaugandharayan, his fiercely loyal General, Rumanwan, and the brilliant Court Jester, Vasantak. It is also the story of Pradyot, proud King of Avanti, and Udayan’s abduction of his vivacious and beautiful daughter, Vasavdatta. As the thrilling narrative sweeps across the plains and mountains of Bharatvarsh, raising the dust of history. Events long past come to life as the forgotten Pandava lives again.

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