UBUNTU - I AM BECAUSE WE ARE: Parables of the United Human Spirit

UBUNTU - I AM BECAUSE WE ARE: Parables of the Un ...

  • Author: Dr. Shilpa Aroskar

Its yet another perfect prescription by the pediatrician author a right dose of wit and wisdom, hope and humor, in these trying times. - VIDYA BALAN, Actor Dr Shilpa Aroskar, bestselling author of YOLO, returns with a nuanced, bitter-sweet take on daily life in the pandemic. A frontline warrior herself, she shares the experiences of its perils, as well as the myriad shades of human emotion and behaviour hidden behind the masks. With her trademark wit she weaves untold stories of people from all spheres of life, in pandemic times. Be it finding love in times of quarantine, virtual weddings, E-School, or mastering the art of boredom in lockdown, every chapter offers a prismatic view of life with a message to ponder. These pages are about being vulnerable yet strong, being fearful but facing it, of counting one’s blessings in an upside down world, and living with an attitude of gratitude.

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