The Ultimate Reality

The Ultimate Reality

  • Author: Gian Kumar

Gian Kumar Discusses the Power of Oneness in the last book of his 3 - volume series. He deals with this core reality and the struggle imbedded in living lives of duality in the material and technological world. Happiness unhappiness, good-bad, God-Devil - all exist as One. Despite the teachings of spiritual gurus and masters, life fails to give us the much needed solace. Something remains missing... The mind with its constant chatter and habit of delving into past experiences or anixieties about the furure, does not permit us to live in the present moment, in awareness of the now. By the time the mind registers this moment, it has already passed and a new now has taken its place. In this final volume, the author delves into a deeper existence where, through experiential realization, we are able to go beyond the mind with its dual thoughts, to a state of higher consciousness. He shows us methods we can use to attain this state and thus enter the no-mind zone - the experience of which takes us to our core, centralizing the extremes of duality and helping us attain awareness of being one wit the Universe.

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