The Trouble Shooter

The Trouble Shooter

  • Author: Sanjay Shankar

An exciting romance set in the hi-finance world where ambitions and power games do not give ethics a chance. The interests of the clients are trampled upon, legally, in pursuit of individual goals. The story starts 15 years back in a Bangalore B-School campus, when Avni meets Sid. Sparks fly and friendship blooms. Today, fifteen years later, Avantika is a hi-profile journalist in Dubai, picking up the lead of an explosive story on Mauritius funds, which brings her to Mumbai. She goes about clinically unveiling the murky financial deeds, as she takes on the might of the financial powerhouse, the Vantage Group. Simultaneously, she has to bring her friend back to the present, from the nostalgic past that he is content to live in, after his wife and daughter die in an accident. Even as love blooms between her and Sid, Avni reaches the deep end of her investigations ? only to find herself pitted against her love. Avantika is subjected to a futile offer of bribe then threatened and isolated, as her powerful adversaries get her kidnapped, almost killed and worse ? her trust in Sid is shaken. Can love survive the crisis of confidence? How long?

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