The Story - Catcher

The Story - Catcher

  • Author: Varsha Seshan

A young girl sat straight-backed on the edge of her chair, chewing a yellow pencil. She wiped her table clean with her sleeve, and with reverence, took out five clean sheets of papers. With a smile of joy, she began to write. Visited by the charming Story-Catcher, she writes stories of all kinds. A boy who finds the eye of a dragon a girl who finds a letter from her great-grandfather whom she never knew the Master of Dreams who helps create dreams every night Coco who is half-deer-half-man and Ruby who gets a glimpse of the other side of the mirror. Finally, the Story-Catcher himself comes to meet her, with his bundle full of ideas. This enchanting collection of stories is sure to be read again and again and be remembered as a cherished book of childhood tales.

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