The Steadfast Tin Soldier?

The Steadfast Tin Soldier?

  • Author: Anirudh Arun

This is the chain-reaction which Ashwins parents, teachers and society-at-large have planned for him, and this young man with powerful ideas finds himself at a crossroads where he must choose between proving himself to family and friends, and living a life where he is lord and master over his own existence.But when Ashwin, who has never shied away from expressing a different opinion, resists change and tries to fashion a path of his own, the reaction goes awry. As the big bad world begins bullying him to accept its ways, he sinks into the beach-sands with a cigarette ? which becomes a symbol of his dissatisfaction.So what happens when a strongly self-willed lad, who prides his ability of walking-the-talk like the fairytale tin-soldier, finds himself transforming into the very person he loathes and fears? Money, love, pride and glory ? all hang in the balance

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