The Snowman of Nalanda

The Snowman of Nalanda

  • Author: Roshan Singh

The book runs on three themes: the fall of Nalanda monastery, Yetis and the ongoing loss of nature. There are wizards, witches and yaksha nature spirits. The author has used folklore to bind his story around the fall of Nalanda monastery. Humans have left nature in agony and deep suffering. Yetis will save the world with their magical powers. It is a story of a man who turns himself into a yeti to save nature from its doom. The book depicts how human ignorance engulfed one of the greatest places of learning and the same ignorance is engulfing our planet. Human ignorance is the worst enemy mankind has ever produced. The story illustrates the clash of nature and man. Bidyasagar, the protagonist, could understand the secret tongue of animals. He could hear the conversations among the creatures of jungle. There is a great influence of Siddhartha on Bidyasagar. He becomes an Ayurveda master and a poet who treats Bakhtiyar Khilji of his severe illness. This becomes the cause of envy and reason behind the burning of Nalanda monastery. This is the way the world would burn, due to sheer ignorance.

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